Get your brain ticking and face the running time!
Real escape game is not only a fantastic joy but also a way of checking your own smartness and brightness. Exit Plan is a special place on the map of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, where emotions pick and the adrenaline is in your vein. This new kind of entertainment (escaperoom) is the best way of spending your free time

Imagine being locked with a group of friends in a room for a particular time, for example 60 minutes. To get out you need to solve several riddles basing on the founded tips. That is what escape game is all about! The clues might be: items, signs, figures, letters etc.
Getting out of such escape room seems easy? Our rooms differ in difficulty level – choose the appropriate for you!
We offer you four different escape rooms. Choose the one which suits you at most, gather your friends and book a room! Making reservation will take you less than a minute! We guarantee spending 60 minutes in extraordinary way!

We offer four different escaperooms with different themes and difficulty level. Each escape room has its own unique history, which will take you and your collages into the world of mystery.
For beginners we suggest our escape room Detective Joe White’s secrets. It is not ordinary escape room such as “Sherlock” which is very common in other escaperooms. This escape room has its complex plot, which solution is breathtaking.
If you find yourself as an advanced player, face our most difficult escape room – Prison Break. Inside you will feel as a real prisoner with death sentence. This escape room we have created especially for “The saw” fans ;).
If you want to visit the only in Poland Upside Down escape room – Sopot is a good place, cause we have it! In this room you will face a parallel reality!
Our fourth room is the most popular one, full of booking every day. In Garrison you will face a piece of real history and interesting story.
If during the game it comes out that you have chosen too difficult escape room or you get stuck in dead end, you might think there is no escape…but our Game Master will help you then and give you some clues.

Have you just came to Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia? Or do you plan to visit Old Town in Gdansk, Skwer in Gdynia, PGE Arena or are you interested in beach in Sopot? You must also visit us – Exit Plan in Sopot. We are easy to find, located on “monciak” (Monte Cassino Street), close to Gdansk University. You can drop by going from the molo in Sopot because we are just 10 minutes walk from the beach in Sopot and Zatoka Sztuki. Short after the game in our escaperooms, you can go to the pub in Sopot. Everything on foot, without using SKM!

We have planned fun for everyone, especially those, who are fans of enigmas, and logical games based on strategy planning.
We invite also companies while internships. For further details please see our “For companies” section