Exit Plan is a place called Escaperoom (also known as Escape room, Escaperoom). Exit plan is a reality game in which you are closed in a room for a particular period of time. Your task is to escape from the room using found clues in a different part of the room. You will also need to solve several enigmas that will get you to an exit.

The game in escape room Exit Plan lasts 60 minutes.

There is a Game Master wathing you, so if you get stuck, he will help you by giving a clue.

It is advised to appear at least 10 minutes before the game starts.

Yes, you can, however we encourage to make a booking in our reservation system, as it may happen that no place will be available at the time of your arrival.

Yes, you can pay by VISA, MasterCard or by phone.

Unfortunately paying American Express is not possible.

Yes, there is a free parking place in the back of our building. Please find our map in the following link for the tips how to find it.

In this case, when the time passes, our staff will open the door for you.

We invite from 2 to 4 persons for the game. In rooms GARRISON, UPSIDE DOWN and DETECTIVE with additional fee, may play up to 6 persons. It is not a good idea to play alone.

What is the most important in the game is cooperation, so if you come with friends you will get better results.

Yes, if you find our special leaflet, you will be entitled to 5% discount.

For more see our PROMOTION page or facebook fanpage

Immediately contact us using the contact form on our website

If you have a leaflet, the discount form the leaflet will be included when paying before the game.

Of course. Knowing Polish is not required in our game. Our Staff speaks English, so all rules will be explained to you in this language.